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honoring the 1972-1979 major hockey league


The WHA Hall of Fame
acquires, restores and maintains an extensive media library of film, video, still images and audio, with much of the material available for licensing.

We have produced more than 14 hours of exclusive documentary productions and restored WHA footage, available commercially on DVD and Blu-ray and available for broadcast and other uses.

While we do have some WHA footage available that is in public domain, the majority of our material is exclusive and under our copyright. We suggest all media buyers check with us before using material presented as "public domain" footage; the WHA HOF might actually own it.

We have licensed materials for national broadcast and cable TV, local cable and broadcast TV, and for other commerial uses. These licenses help the WHA HOF to continue its mission to preserve the history of the league for future generations and to acquire more materials.

Media buyers are invited to CONTACT US to discuss your media needs.


Professional media producers already accept and understand the importance of copyright to help protect intellectual poroperty. The average fan, however, often does not understand copyright and why it is important to the mission of the WHA Hall of Fame. So, we'll attempt to help with some information here.

The WHA Hall of Fame has invested a huge amount of time, effort, and money into the legal acquisition of materials for commercial use. We have invested even more time, effort, and money to create the many hours of original documentary productions and our various Web sites and online pages. We have the right to earn back our investment and the right to decide how our materials are used.

All of these materials are recognized by law as "intellectual property," and copyright and trademark are used to help protect these properties and investments.
The WHA Hall of Fame materials, its commercial productions, its logo and name are protected internationally under U.S. Federal Copyright and/or Registered Trademark.

So what does that mean to you? Simply put, you should not use, distribute, or upload videos, photos, or other intellectual property if you don't own them. Copyright infringement is literally a U.S. Federal offense, with very extensive financial penalties and even the possibility of jail time. Willful infringement the deliberate use of copyrighted materials has even more substantial U.S. Federal penalties, and U.S. copyright law is supported by treaty internationally. Infringing users also risk additional civil lawsuits. That is no joke!

  • FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

Here's a WHA HOF copyright FAQ
(based on real questions)

Q: I don't sell or make any money from using your stuff, so what's
the big deal?

A: Copying, distributing, or displaying copyrighted material is infringement. It is a misconception that "sharing it for free" protects the user and does no harm to the owner. Online sites such as YouTube can also attach advertising to videos that's income that should go to the copyright holder, but instead goes to the Web site or infringing uploader.

Understand that it takes effort and money to acquire the "never-before-published" photo for one of our books, as an example. When it is scanned and posted without permission on Facebook the need for a fan to actually buy the book is diminished. We spent the money, we made the book, and a thief uses it for free. Even in the Internet era this is simply stealing.

Q: I just found the stuff on the Internet, so I can use it, right? And I don't care about all this copyright stuff, so what can happen to me?
A: Unfortunately many Web users believe that the technological ability to copy and distribute something is the same as the right to do so. It is not. It is, however, the responsibility of each user to know how copyright works. Ignorance or denial of the law does not protect any user from the conseqences of infringement.

Q: The WHA is so long ago that all the photos and video are in "public domain," right? And then there's that "fair use" thing, so I can use anything without permission, right?
A: No! One of the largest misconeptions that fans have is that material that is "old" is not covered by copyright, or that they can use it as "fair use" if they add some kind of a disclaimer with the clip. Both "public domain" and "fair use" are complicated legal subjects, so don't assume you understand what they actually mean or how you can use actually them.

Q: I'd like to post some WHA stuff on YouTube or Facebook, but I'm just a fan, not a movie producer or TV network, and I don't want to spend any money what should I do?
A: Easy contact us and ask us if you can have permission! We do provide FREE non-commercial licenses to some fans for some of our materials, depending on how they are used. For instance, there is a You Tube hockey fan who wanted to upload his own short documentary on the WHA. It would not be sold, with no advertising, it would be factually correct and respectful of the league. After seeing it we granted a free non-commercial license to him, and that video is on YouTube now, with our permission. CONTACT US!

Q: I put more than two dozen clips of your WHA footage on YouTube and Facebook, and you had them deleted without even telling me! Why are you so mean!?!?
A: A copyright holder who is defending their rights is under no obligation to inform the person who stole their material that the material is being deleted from any source. Many online services like YouTube and Facebook have policies that remove copyright and trademark infringing materials, sometimes automatically. In this sample case, we actually DID inform the user in advance and even offered a free non-commercial license, as described above. This user didn't take advantage of our offer and the clips were deleted.

Q: But you don't NEED to delete the videos, though, right?
A: The WHA Hall of Fame has commercial partners in our productions. We are contractually obligated to protect the copyright of our materials. Yes, we need to delete infringing materials.

Q: So we have to give you money to see anything related to the WHA?
A: NO! The WHA Hall of Fame operates several FREE Facebook pages and several FREE Web sites each with HUNDREDS of free photos and much free video, audio, feature articles and information, and the largest FREE database of WHA material online.

We have contributed to charites such as The Amadeus Steen Foundation and Dream Factory (both benefitting children), and have spent thousands of our own dollars to create and host WHA reunions, film screenings, and WHA HOF induction ceremonies throughout Canada and the USA.

We also have created, at our own great expense, the official museum exhibit for the WHA Hall of Fame at the United States Hockey Hall of Fame Museum. And yes, we have also made available at great expense and effort exclusive DVDs, a video Blu-ray, original WHA books, hockey cards and much more. These are important historical documents that no other organization has created.

We simply ask that you not steal our video, audio, photos and other materials.

CONTACT US instead we enjoy working with respectful, polite hockey fans!