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Mr. Les Brandt, contributor
to the WHA Hall of Fame

Russian hockey journalist
and filmmaker Mr. Evgeny
(left) with former
team-USSR defenseman
Mr. Alexander Gusev.

Mr. Kuznetsov has assisted
us in securing rare WHA film
and video for our new
documentary productions.

honoring the 1972-1979 major hockey league

The WHA HOF is a volunteer organization. We are not funded by any government or corporation — We can only continue with the help of dedicated hockey fans. We want to hear from fans, players and organizations that want to help us continue the WHA Hall of Fame.


You can help the WHA Hall of Fame in several ways:

1) Purchase our Blu-ray, DVD & book productions and support our efforts to document this important hockey history.

2) Donate any sum you wish to help keep this Web site online, through the PayPal button below or at the bottom of on our Main Page.

Contribute historical items:

1) We are especially interested in donations of WHA jerseys, pucks, sticks and game programs — and all WHA-era items or artifacts are desired and appreciated.

2) We are always interested in finding more WHA video, film and photographs
for our archives, and we also are always looking to gain permission where required to use footage in our documentary video productions.

3) Do you or your organization wish to become associated more formally with the WHA Hall of Fame or our video productions? Please contact us to discuss those opportunities! _________________________________________________________________

Recent Contributions: We would like to especially thank Les Brandt, who has started the donation campaign by giving an important collection of a WHA game jersey, signed hockey sticks, printed material and other WHA memorabilia to the WHA Hall of Fame project. Mr. Brandt will be acknowledged formally in the Hall of Fame exhibit. Thank you, Les Brandt!

More than 600 original WHA game color slides, taken by official team and league photographers, and donated by a former WHA team official. More than 15 hours of original 1970s WHA broadcast master video tapes have also been donated by their copyright owners.

Original WHA super-8 film of international play against the USSR and Czech teams has also been donated, and rare European footage of the WHA playing against the Czech National Team and USSR has also been donated.

Thank you to Richard Crawley, who donated a rare color photo of the 1973-1974 WHA Jersey Knights to our collection, and also to The Sports Zone memorabilia company, which donated a large collection of rare WHA team photographs.

Special thanks also to Stephane Harvey for contributing additional game statistics and media materials. Tom O'Donnell and John Stager contributed original WHA game scoresheets and league statistics sheets to our document archives.

Larry Kern,
Thad Badowski, Curtis Walker, Whalers Sports, The MeiGray Group and The Amadeus Steen Foundation also contributed photographs of 2010 WHA HOF events. Also from the 2010 events, Andre Lacroix donated his gameworn WHA HOF jersey for the future museum display.

Tom McCabe,
Michael Uhlin, Charles Eckels and Sal Barry also made recent contributions which are greatly appreciated! Dave Coleman and Jeff Dooley each contributed vintage research materials, too.

A very special thanks goes to Ben and Greg Fleger of Phoenix, Arizona. Greg's father (and Ben's Grandfather) Ken Fleger passed away recently, and was a Hall of Fame member of the Society of Professional Hockey Equipment Managers. During his long career he was with the WHA Phoenix Roadrunners and WHA Indianapolis Racers, and amassed great artifacts from the league. Ben & Greg have donated many of these items to the WHA Hall of Fame, and this is a valuable addition to our historical resources. Thank you to the entire Fleger family!

Thanks also to the Indianapolis Star newspaper, which has provided several important WHA photographs to us, including the B&W image of Wayne Gretzky on the main WHA HOF page.

More thanks to Bill Nevers, Greg Kaufman, Jack Cullinane, Les Holmlund,
Mark Heller, Kyle Oen, Jeff Krieg, Perry Nelson, Murray Greig, Anatoly Brel, Bob Landers & Beth Klein, Ted Scharf, Scott Surgent, Joric McLean,
Robin Young,
and Gerry Odrowski for all contributing photographic materials
for our ongong archives.

Jim Rongstad, Bill Nevers, Michael Kennedy, Murry Greig, and Ted Scharf have also kindly provided important materials.

THANK YOU to all who are helping to build our WHA HOF display and media resources! Interested in helping us in some way? Contact us:

E-MAIL: info(at)WHAhof.com

PO Box 121
Tucson, Arizona
85702 USA